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Korda Infuza Bait Tub Large

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Discover the Korda Infuza Bait Tub Large from Korda. Available at Birds Tackle. A great product and for £6.49. Secure checkout and fast delivery.

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Korda Infuza Bait Tub Large Allow us to introduce the latest addition to the Korda family, the Infuza. We really didnt think that there was a glug pot out there that did it all, so we decided to design our own and its out this week Theres a lot more to this ingenious pot than meets the eye. In fact, its the first hook bait container that allows you to achieve a perfectly even coating of liquid attractants, without the risk of over-loading the baits and affecting their buoyancy. Weve achieved this by creating a robust, hard-wearing tub with an inner, slotted tray that holds the baits above the glug. The slots in the tray allow the glug to flood in when the Infuza is shaken, coating the baits, before draining away nicely. We hope that most anglers appreciate that the inspiration to develop a new product comes from being faced with a recurring problem, and weve recently seen an increase in the need for a no-fuss hook bait storage facility, which is why we decided to develop this little gem. A resurgence in the use of liquid attractors such as Goo in our own fishing over recent years really did highlight the need for a product that satisfied all of our stringent requirements and we think that the Infuza does everything that an angler requires from this type of product and now you can have it too

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