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Korda Swivels Size 8

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Discover the Korda Swivels Size 8 from Korda. Available at Birds Tackle. A great product and for £3.16. Secure checkout and fast delivery.

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Korda Swivels Size 8 The humble swivel completes the whole rig set up and since it is almost the last connection between you and the carp it needs to be reliable. We have always bought swivels from the same source, until our suppliers supplier merged with a new company. The stocks were mixed and some were not as good quality so we immediately set about sourcing an alternative. They say that from every adversity comes an equal or greater benefit and in this case the swivels we located came from Japan - arguably the best swivel manufacturers in the world. They matched the size of the originals exactly, improved the breaking strain and reliability, and made them in a lovely dull grey tint. This was an online improvement, which affected only a marginal increase in price - 10 per cent over 10 years The swivels have round eyes because they are stronger than diamond eyes, if this were not the case then hooks would be made with diamond eyes They fit just about everything that we make including - the Inline Leads, Lead Clips, Running Rigs, Shok Beads and Rubbers, what more can we say RETAIL REF KS20

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