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Korda Micro Rig Swivel

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Discover the Korda Micro Rig Swivel from Korda. Available at Birds Tackle. A great product and for £3.25. Secure checkout and fast delivery.

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Korda Micro Rig Swivel At Korda they have always prided ourselves on developing new products from ones already on the market that did not meet our own high standards. Korda are conscious to not simply put our version of a product in a packet and sell it. In this case Korda had no intention of selling micro swivels as several other companies already sell them but none of them sell non-reflective ones. This may seem like a small improvement but believe me it makes a BIG difference Whilst filming Part 6 of the Underwater series Korda saw carp spooking off of the glint of the swivel. Korda know it was not the hook they were spooking from because it was covered with an artificial bloodworm sold by pure fishing. It was uncanny how the fish veered away at the last moment just before picking up the hook bait, bearing in mind the hook was completely covered and Korda were using a 15lb fluorocarbon hook link Korda can only assume it was the glint of the swivel. Micro ring swivels are perfect for use with the claw rig. They are also ideal for use with D-rigs. They offer better hooking qualities than a solid ring because it allows the hook bait to spin; this stops the rotation of the hook bait preventing the hook from turning inwards and catching hold in the fishs mouth as easily. If you think about the bait and hook in the fishes mouth, as the hook link is tightened the bait will be dragged a little before the hook catches hold. If it is attached to a solid ring the hook will stop turning into the flesh when the solid ring stops swivelling against the D of the D rig. A micro rig swivel on the other hand will not stop the hook turning in because it does not stop the hook turning at all. Korda tie a small hair on one end of the swivel so that the bait is actually pulled onto the barrel of the swivel so only the bottom of the barrel and the bottom eye, which slides on the D or shank of the hook, is exposed, very crafty

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