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Korda Ai Hamidi The Carpers High Book

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Discover the Korda Ai Hamidi The Carpers High Book from Korda. Available at Birds Tackle. A great product and for £20.00. Secure checkout and fast delivery.

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Ali Hamidi The Carpers High Book s it a biography Is it a technical book Is it anecdotal and story-based Quite simply, its all these things rolled into one. With a diverse geographical chapter base, from as far away as Japan, to Paris, Ockendon, and even Turkey, this book brings variety by the spodful as it charts how Ali achieved many of his finest moments and angling highs. This is a book which was written to inspire the working anglers, something that wants to make you laugh, while also giving a rare glimpse behind the scenes of Ali Hamidis working and fishing life. More importantly, it is a book littered with angling edges and technical advice, to help anyone reading this put more fish on the bank. It is built around Ali Hamidis angling adventures since 2005, a period which saw him join tackle giants Korda, an era when he helped deliver Thinking Tackle, Underwater 7 and 8, The Big Fish-Off, and numerous other high-profile angling projects to your TV screens. For the first time ever, you will read behind-the-scenes stories, the truth about filming, the pressures of delivering the goods on camera, and also a detailed look at the technical side of how Ali achieved some of his greatest fishing successes. It has been over a decade of pressure cooker-carping which has drawn tactical guile, effort and innovation from the author; vital lessons and stories that he wants to pass on. To complement Alis own chapters, he invited along some of his close friends; people he has met on his journey, anglers who he felt achieved great fishing successes without the luxury of time, from some eclectic locations. This book is dedicated and focused around working anglers. Do you have limited fishing time but want to compete with full-timers and catch the sacred fish from your lakes Maybe youre embarking on your first angling trip abroad, and need the right advice to make your adventure as successful as possible. Whatever your angling problems, this book will go a long way to solving them. Its about winning through tactical guile. A richly illustrated 400 pages which will not only help you catch more under time constraints, but will also have you laughing, sighing, and relating to much of what you read. Frank, honest, detailed, technical, and varied just about begins to describe the nature of the Carpers High

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