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Korda 20 Metre Micromesh Pva Refill (Standard)

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Discover the Korda 20 Metre Micromesh Pva Refill (Standard) from Korda. Available at Birds Tackle. A great product and for £19.99. Secure checkout and fast delivery.

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Korda Funnel Web PVA System Funnel Web was designed by Kordas very own Steve Spurgeon. Its function is to create a PVA bag of any size in the minimum time possible - it can be made in less than 30 seconds leaving any other system for dust. Funnel Web minimises wasted PVA making it the most cost effective PVA bag system ever made. If you are not using it in your carp fishing YOU ARE MISSING OUT The system features a waterproof protective outer tube with removable end caps to get at the PVA inside. It is a compact module which features an easy to follow PVA bag tying sequence permanently stuck to the outside. Once out of the protective tube you will find the inner tube has 5 metres of continuous PVA stocking on it. Korda have made alterations to our PVA range to keep one step ahead of the rest. The standard Anti Ladder refill has been changed slightly to reduce the melt times, Korda have kept the same anti ladder weave with slightly less PVA in it so now it melts in about 90 seconds in spring, summer and autumn water temperatures. It can be used in winter too but we have learnt that anglers have experienced problems with the old version when they have soaked PVA bags in oil and then used them in very cold water, this is why we have now rated this version as 3 SEASON, we feel its better to be over cautious and prevent any problems. The NEW version is also anti ladder but has a MICROMESH weave, ideal for tiny pellets, groundbait and live baits like maggots. It has a shorter melt time and in the warmer months it will melt in about 60 seconds, in winter it can take about another 30 seconds. It melts completely just like the standard anti ladder and is totally non toxic. This new version replaces the original refills which did have a quicker melt time but didnt have an anti-ladder weave. So there you have it two refills both available in 5 and 20 metre spools. Between them they will cover any carp fishing situation from deep water in the summer to the coldest water conditions in winter. No one should be without MICROMESH this winter REFILLS AVAILABLE Once you have used all your PVA you should not throw away your system. Simply buy a Funnel Web refill pack and thread another 5 metres. IDEAL FOR Boilies - chopped or whole - small or large. Its better than a stringer because it allows the baits to spread as it melts not end up in a line. Its a great way to feed light baits much further than you can with a catapult. Chum mixers will go up to 40 metres when a Funnel Web bag of them is catapulted - especially if you add a dry stone to the bag before tying for extra weight. Danny and Frank Warwick qualified for the final of The British Carp Championships as a result of feeding mixers long distances using Funnel Web Obviously any pellet is ideal for Funnel Web especially trout and salmon pellets and carp pellets - basically, as long as its dry on the surface it will go in the Funnel Web. Can be used with damp mixes like groundbait and Solar Bag Mix. Even particles such as Tiger Nuts, Maples and Hemp, providing that they are surface dry can be used in the Funnel Web.

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