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Ice Drag System

ICE Drag System®

NOW AVAILABLE! ICE Drag System® Offering incredibly smooth, high speed drag performance for:
Fox FX - Full Range
Penn Infinity
Shimano 5500/14000 XTD
Speedcast 14000 XTB
Super Ultegra, XSA 4500/5500/10000/14000, XSB 4500/5500/10000/14000, XSC 4500/5500/10000/14000
Aero Technium 10000 XSB.

What is a drag system?

Wikipedia Says:  "Drag systems are a mechanical means of applying variable pressure to the line spool or drive mechanism in order to act as a friction brake against it. This supplies resistance to the line after hook-up to aid in landing the fish without the line breaking. In combination with rod flex and fishing technique, this allows larger fish to be caught than the straight breaking strength of the line would suggest. The mechanics of drag systems usually consist of any number of discs (drag washers) arranged in a stack on the spool shaft or in some cases, on the drive shaft. There is generally a screw or lever mechanism that presses against the washers—the higher the pressure, the greater the resistance."

What is ICE Drag System?

The ICE Drag System® replaces some components within your existing reel drag assembly to create a high speed drag system with super smooth resistance when you are playing the fish. Sometimes standard drag systems can have components which makes the assembly very spongy, non responsive and jerky. That's why our Engineers developed the ICE Drag System® to create the smoothest, self lubricating high speed drag system on the market! Tackle Labs materials have been specifically developed to offer the perfect balance of  ultra-low friction and strength. What's more, since no grease is needed in your spool it means that the drag system performs much more consistently in all weather conditions!


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1 Item(s)